When to Travel, Made Easy.

I really thought I’d found a fantastic deal for our first family trip to Thailand, back some years now, around 2002. Five nights, close to the beach, airfare and accommodation for our family of four…so good in fact, I was able to secure a pool-view suite just for our two kids to share on their own!

Little did I know at the time, having only lived in SE Asia for a short while, that the awesome package was available only because it was during the height of the monsoon season. We spent our entire trip at the hotel, kids swimming in the pool in pouring rain, me watching from the adjacent covered bar, reading Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and slugging back cheap gin & tonics.

Oh, how I could only have dreamed of a website that details the best travel times, per country!

Travel site http://lastminute.co.nz/ has taken all of the guess work away for you, detailing in nifty graphics the high, low, and shoulder seasons of countries around the globe.

And while we did still manage to have a fantastic family getaway in rain-soaked, low-season Phuket, it might have been nice to know in advance that we’d never even be able to make it to the beach.


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