Sleeps On A Plane

I’ve probably crossed the Pacific more than 70 times, and I’ve likely tried just as many suggestions, (and devices), to get some sleep on a long-haul flight.

Finally, I do believe I’ve found the perfect travel sleep pillow. It’s not actually a pillow, mind you, it’s called The Trtl (

It looks a bit like a neck brace that you might wear if you had whiplash, but don’t let this deter you! If you struggle for those much-needed flight zzz’s, you really shouldn’t care about looking fashionable anyways.

I purchased mine from Amazon for US$28, after having watched a video advertisement that popped up on my Facebook news feed. Yes, that is a lot of money to shell out for a travel pillow, but I was getting desperate. My sleep aids of choice, (a Dramamine and a glass of white) just were not fully cutting it.

I’ve taken my Trtl on it’s virgin flight, which funny enough WAS a Virgin (Airlines) flight, and am really excited to report that I got a full 7 hours of rest…I even slept through the booze service, so there went one of my former sleep crutches.

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m gonna’ stick my neck out in full support of The Trtl. Someone you love…yourself, perhaps?…deserves sleeps on a plane.

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