Getting To Know Hong Kong’s Smaller Islands: Peng Chau

Yes, of course you know Hong Kong: skyscrapers, crowds, shopping. But, did you know that by jumping on a boat (from HK’s Central Piers), you can experience another Hong Kong… arguably, a more real representation of Hong Kong, or at least one as it once was.

Amongst the 261 islands that actually make up Hong Kong, you’ll find Peng Chau, just a quick 20 minute ride away via walk-on ferry from Central. (You can easily find the Peng Chau ferry pier, its located right next to the Star Ferry pier, Central side. Boats run between city and island throughout the day and into the evening.)

The island, with just a small local population, boasts a tiny village filled with winding pathways that will lead you to fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables, restaurants serving dim sum or noodles, and colourful temples, where local fishermen have historically prayed for a good haul.

After filling your phone with many Instagram-able pics, (and your belly, with yummy dumplings), head out on the walking trails to circumnavigate the island. Along the way, you’ll find sandy beaches, old Chinese cemetaries, organic farms, banana groves, and some pretty terrific views of the city itself, just across the bay.

Another bonus is that no vehicles are allowed on the island, so it’s a great place to let the kids run around and expend some pent up energy, something a bit difficult to do on HK’s bustling streets.

Be sure to add a visit to little Peng Chau island to your next Hong Kong trip. The few hours away from the city will refresh you…for more skyscrapers, crowds, and shopping.

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