No Bathtub. No Oven. No Dryer. No Problem!

One of my favourite shows is HGTV’s House Hunters International. Probably because it is the story of my life, having been an expatriate for some 30 years now. I just love that this network has this comedy show amongst all of the flipping.

Comedy, you question? It’s not supposed to be funny. Alas, dear readers and fellow HHI fans, let me enlighten you.

Most homes outside of North America do not come with central heating. Presently, I’m sitting on my sofa here in Hong Kong, it’s 46f outside…and also 46f inside.

Most homes do not have a clothes dryer. A dryer would be a rack you set up in a sunny window. Today, with the cold and damp weather we’re having, I’ve created a dryer of sorts in my guest bath…clothes hung on aforementioned rack, with essential electric dehumidifier on, to suck out any wetness. Should take about 24 hours.

Many homes outside of North America do not come with ovens. Throughout our 17 years living in Singapore, my oven was a tiny counter-top model, about the size of my childhood Easy Bake toy. No, a Thanksgiving turkey was quite out of the question.

So when I watch with bemusement these starry-eyed home hunters, so excited to begin their expat lives in far flung Hanoi, or Prague, Shenzehn or Quitos, I have my moment…. “But, does it have a bathtub? I can’t LIVE without my bath!”


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