Tour Hong Kong’s Big Buddha on Your 6-Hour Layover!

Hong Kong being where it is, there’s a good chance you might end up here in a transit situation of more than a few hours before you need to head on to your final destination.

What to do?

Well, you can sit around the airport, peruse the duty free shops, maybe get a new cardi at Zara. Or, you can actually leave the airport, get out and see a bit of Hong Kong before you depart.

What you can do is all based upon when your flight arrives in HK. Here’s one idea, but is basically limited to very early HK arrivals, say 5am to 7am.

Go see the “Big Buddha”!

Yes, if you do your ticket booking online, (head to the Ngong Ping 360 website), and prebook your tickets and tour time, seeing this iconic wonder is very do-able. The key is that you MUST go early in the day. Later, and things get very busy at this major HK tourist site – you would be standing in line too long to make it worthwhile.

So, if you’re into HK early, and you’ve got around 6 hours to kill, prebook your tickets online, leave your bags with the airport’s baggage storage service, grab a taxi to Tung Chung, (this is 10 min away and where you board the cable cars to the Big Buddha/Ngong Ping site), and go!

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