Art Suppliers To The World

Have you ever wondered where that painting hanging in your hotel room came from? How about the perfect copy of a Van Gogh you saw at your favourite restaurant? Chances are, they may have originated in the little village of Dafen, a suburb of Shenzhen, China.

Stroll the streets here and you’ll see many original artworks, plus some uncannily fine reproductions of many famous paintings.

As well, Dafen is a wonderland of artist supplies, calligraphy brushes and inks…. basically everything you’d need to do some masterpieces of your own.

It’s difficult not to be inspired here, either in decorating your own space with artwork you can purchase direct from the artists, or to create art yourself with the myriad paints, brushes, pencils, canvasses, and so on displayed in the supply shops.

Shenzhen is just across the border from Hong Kong, and is serviced by the HK MTR system, so it’s quite easy to include a trip to Dafen Artist’s Village on your next visit to Hong Kong.

Find out more here…

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