A Winter’s Day in Middle Earth

A visit to Hobbiton, the setting for The Hobbit films, (as well as scenes in the shire in the The Lord of the Rings series), is a must-do for fans of any and all things Tolkien. The site is but a few hours away from central Auckland, and tours are easily arranged via the Hobbiton website, (http://www.hobbitontours.com/en/)

I’d like to step out on a limb now, and suggest that timing your Hobbiton visit during a Winter’s day, (even a drizzling one), will provide you with exceptional photos of the expansive grounds, without any other tourists featured in them!

Actually, our wonderful Hobbiton tour guide for the day, (a strapping ginger-haired Kiwi lad), was the one to point this out to us, probably because we were whining a little bit about the grey day. “Yes, it is a little bit damp and a bit muddy along the paths, but you’ll find that since there’s fewer guests about, your pictures will actually look like you’ve visited the real Shire!”

I think my pics speak for themselves as a testament to this.

Visit Hobbiton anytime, year-round. (Especially Winter.)

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