5 Things You Haven’t Put In Your Carry-on Bag, (But Should!)

Something we all should realize is that what goes into a carry-on is quite a personal decision. Everyone has their top suggestions for what necessities to bring in-flight, and I’m no exception. Lotions, wipes, headphones, treats…yes, countless lists have been made and blogged about. After more Economy long haul flights than I care to count, I humbly submit these five items that always make my carry-on cut:

1) Aerosol Water Spray.

This item easily takes my number one spot. I read an interview of a top fashion model a number of years ago. When asked for her one item that she simply could not do without in-flight, she exclaimed, “(brand omitted) Water Spray!”. I figured, those super models have to know their stuff, so I ran right out and got a (TSA friendly) can. I’ve traveled with it ever since. Not only does a quick spritz to the face and neck offer much needed refreshment after 12 hours aloft, if you inhale, (yes, I admit I do!), whilst spraying, the water vapours relieve that Sahara Desert feeling in your nose. Can’t. Fly. Without.

2) Turtle Neck “Pillow”.

Straight off let me say, I’m not getting any spiffs for endorsements here. In my search for long haul sleep, I’ve tried every – every – type of flight neck pillow imaginable. Blow up, bead-filled, foamy, soft, firm…you name it, I used them. I finally broke down and shelled out $30.US for The Turtle, (https://trtltravel.com/), hoping to find relief. Now, I’m happy to report that (for me, at least), this item takes the cake! Easy to pack, easy to wear, finally getting a lot of rest. Seat mates, please don’t judge me for snores and drooling. Yes, it’s that good.

3) Dramamine.

…”But, I don’t get motion sickness!” Ok, ok, good for you. I do, however, and long ago found that Dramamine not only will see me through even the worst of bumpy turbulence, it also puts me off to a blissful sleep. Even the non-drowsy formula! My schtick is this: I pop the pill shortly before boarding. After the meal service, (and maybe a glass of red…), that Dramamine kicks into action. I can generally count on at least three hours knocked out. Works for me EVERY time.

4) Screw-in Ear Plugs.

Again, tried everything to keep out the noise. Finally found these screw-in plugs, with a handy leash so you don’t lose one of them down your seat back. I actually have the exact ones shown in the picture…they were not the cheapest on the market, but they come in the handy carry case, and most importantly, they work. I challenge even the loudest screaming toddler out there to break this fortress of solitude…won’t happen. These plugs are awesome.

5) A Small Pillow.

Yes, we already covered pillows, but that was for your neck. This one, friends, is a little guy you use to squish down beside yourself, next to your arm rest. No more territorial battles there! The little pillow gives you your own place to rest your arm, so let that guy next to you man-spread all over, you’re covered. You can find little soft pillows at most home stores. Make sure it’s not too firm, so you can easily squish it into your in-flight bag.

There you go! Give one or all five a try, I guarantee you’ll have a much more comfortable cattle-class experience. Safe and happy travels to you!

* images aquired from free sources.

** consult your physician before taking ANY medication.

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