For Your Consideration: Traveling, Into The Twilight Zone

When traveling long-haul, sometimes things just go wrong. Actually, most times things just go wrong, or at least wrong in varying degrees.

This post is not about those times. In fact, I believe we’ve all heard quite enough travel and flight horror stories. This is not going to be one of those.

Mom Off Grid, you’ve entered the Twilight Zone.

It began with an uneventful trip up I-5 just south of Seattle…how can this be, no traffic jam…at 9am? Unheard of!

Then, smooth and simple curb side check-in, the only person there…no waiting? Absurd!

A relatively quick slide through the mass of TSA that is now all-encompassing at SeaTac, and you’re almost there!

Waiting at the gate, where’s the usual crowd? “Hang on”, you think, “Could it be that the flight is…(wait for it)…not FULL?!?”

This could be the Economy Class equivalent of winning the lottery right here, folks.

An aside, for you Millennials: There was a time, back about 15 – 20 years ago when international flights tended to be on the empty side. It was commonplace to get an empty row, or at the very least an unoccupied seat next to you. No more. With all of the airlines struggling to maximize profit, those days are but a faint memory.

But I digress…

We board, and soon enough the Captain is calling for the attendants to close the cabin doors.

** chirping of crickets here.

This place is EMPTY.

**”happy dancing” passengers here.

Yup. This is not normal. After coming down a bit from the initial shock and elation, I also discover this:

There are NO KIDS aboard. At this point, folks, I know you think I’m making this up, but I’M NOT! Really!

None of this…

And none of this….

So for me, lots of this…

And of course, this…

Arriving at my destination of Hong Kong some 12 hours later, (oops, forgot to mention, flight arrived 35 minutes ahead of schedule…yet another sign that my travel world had been shaken to it’s core), I breezed right through immigration to the luggage claim. And there it was…the final sign and total confirmation of my travels into the Twighlight Zone.

MY CHECKED BAG WAS ALREADY THERE, spinning around the carousel, waiting for ME.

So, next time you grumble about all of the lines, the crowds, the waits, and the delays, remember…you too, could soon be entering The Twighlight Zone.

Happy trails, kids!

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