This 5-Step, At Home “Mini Spa” Will Prep The Most Beautiful You For Your Long Haul Flight

If you’re lucky enough to be flying First Class, and/or you’re a supermodel, read no further. This article is not for you.

For the rest, who slag it out in the cramped quarters of cattle-class, I’d like to present a few suggestions of how you can prepare your mind & body ahead of time for the rigours of the flight to come. You might think of it as an at-home, 5-step “mini spa day”.

Step 1: Give yourself a Mani/Pedi.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken or chipped a nail during a flight. With all of the luggage hauling, storing, grabbing…your hands do take a beating. That’s why I now take the extra time to really trim and shape up my nails, even adding a coat of nail strengthener. A pedicure is not essential here, unless you’re heading to a fabulous beach destination, then by all means!

Step 2: Give yourself a facial.

I’ve heard of people actually doing facial masks on board of flights, but as they tend to be really slimy, I don’t recommend this. Who wants all of that mess at 32,000 feet? Instead, do a facial mask at home the evening before or morning of your trip. Not only will this deep-moisturise your skin for the dry cabin air, the time you take to relax yourself while wearing it helps to destress you.

Step 3: Soak in a tub.

Treat yourself to some quality me-time by having a good, long, hot bath prior to your flight. Invest in a calming bath bomb or essential oils, and you’re well on your way to pre-trip nirvana. Later, when you’re all cramped up mid-flight, let your mind wander back to those moments of all stretched out, pure relaxation…it will help get you through the worst of an uncomfortable seat.

Step 4: Treat your hair.

Step 5: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Post tub-time, pull out all the stops when applying your favourite body and face lotions. It can’t be said enough that the pressurised tin can you’ll spend the next 12 or so hours in will be dryer than the Sahara, so prepare by slipping on a good layer. If you’re headed for a sunny locale, you might try a self-tanning cream…you’ll step off the plane all ready for your bikini!

Be sure to toss all of your favourite travel-sized, (and TSA friendly), creams, lip balms, spritzers, and so on into your carry-on, and you’re all set!

Happy and beautiful travels to you!

**Photos from free image sources

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